Medical and travel assistance

  • Assistance in case of out-patient treatment or hospitalization
  • Guarantee of payment for the costs for medical help
  • Systematic control of patient’s health status and coordination of the medical care
  • Providing all related parties (insurance company, family members) with required information
  • Evacuating the patient if the health care services are unsatisfactory
  • Ensuring repatriation to the  home country
  • Repatriation including medical escort
  • Repatriation of  mortal remains
  • Eliminating language barriers between the patient and local medical staff with the help of assistance coordinators and medical team.
  • Assistance in case of flight delays or when client’s luggage is delayed or lost
  • Transmission of messages
  • Organizing escort, earlier than fixed return from a trip, finding accommodation for relatives of the client
  • Help in case client’s documents get lost
  • Legal aid
  • Sending medication if not available on local market
  • Fraud investigation



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